Lovejoy Design ~ Seattle, WA
Principal [2004 - present]
• New business procurement and execution.
• Production Team building and scaling.
• Concepting for interactive design and information architecture,
prototyping, design execution
• Design for web, web2.0, PDA (iPad, iPhone and Android), PC game design,
cd-Rom, print, identity branding, outdoor promotions

Clients Include:  Andrew Breitbart • Atari • Caldwell Banker • Cisco • Decora Cabinets • Daily Caller • Disney Family Foundation • Dunn&Bradstreet • ENCO Us Utilities • Five States Energy • Fleet Bank • Game Show Network • Happy Madison Productions • Hello Viking • Hot Metal Media • Wide Open Films, Jeff Turner • Jo Gartin • L.A. Youth • Leap Productions • Legoland • Len Druskin • Microsoft • Minolta • Motus Learning Systems • Nestlé • Open Road • Pajamas Media • ParAccell • Prudential Realty • Real Estate Shows • Sony Motion Pictures • Thinkwell • Wayne Brady

Zeek Interactive ~ Huntington Beach , CA
Creative Director [9.01 - 7.04 ]
• New business concepting, creating and presenting
• Budget creations, scheduling and design execution strategies, defining &
defending project scope• Creating of design guidelines, create structure
& foundation for contractors to collaborate effectively with entire
production team
• Managing efforts and balancing needs & emotions of 3rd party contributors
• Concepting for interactive design and information architecture,
prototyping, design execution
• Design for web, web2.0, PDA, cd-Rom, PC game design, print, identity
branding, outdoor promotions

LavaStorm ~ Waltham, MA
Sr. Designer [1.01 - 3.01 ]
• Helped initiate and manage short and long term goals to grow the design
division of technology based interactive company
• Balanced & mediated needs of Marketing Department and Development Engi
neers with those of the Design Team
• Concepting for interactive design and information architecture,
prototyping, design execution

Zentropy Partners ~ Cambridge, MA
Sr. Designer [1.00 - 12.00]
• Interactive concept and strategy development, information architecture
design, internal concept evangelizing, design execution, client
presentations including prototypes and design guideline documentation
• Drove internal mentoring program

Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos ~ Boston, MA
Interactive Designer- Interactive Division [1.99 - 12.99]
• Conceptual strategizing, website design execution, client presentations,
concept and creation
of online advertising–specializing in Rich Media
• Extending a cohesive design and brand identity throughout entire product
• Brand-board design and presentation; focus on identity branding of
agency¹s major clients

Pantheon Productions ~ Santa Monica, CA
Sr. Art Director [6.95 - 8.98]
• Strategic and production leadership for graphic, 3-d and sound designers
as well as coordination of cross-discipline team integration
• Project proposals, development & exectuion of client presentations,
graphics for CD-Rom, video and print
• Produced emotionally engaging design for educational and entertainment
software, promotional materials and package design
• The Walt Disney Biography • Sir David Frost Presents: Inside the Cold War
(CD-Rom and History Channel documentary) • Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet •
Greatest Moments of Our Time • Night Café • Charlton Heston’s Voyage
Through the Bible: 1 & 2 • Titanic (documentary) •  Ship Disasters of the
20th Century documentary) • Air Disasters of the 20th Century

Art Center College Design ~ Pasadena, CA
Bachelor of Fine Arts – Illustration 1994

University California Los Angeles ~ Los Angeles, CA
Social Psychology (emphasis in Early/ Special Education)  1988-1991

San Diego State University ~ San Diego, CA
Psychology 1986-1988


Aids Service Center- Pasadena, CA
Mentor- 1994-1998
Art Instructor- 1994-1998
- Ages 2 – 8 years
- Taught basic art history, color theory and practical applications in age appropriate lessons.
- Assisted art therapy drawing sessions with ASC Counselors


A Child Becomes
9.10- Present
-  Introduced preschool and school age children to the basic principals of design and art
history and how they apply to their world.

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